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Contributed by Herbert J. Kirk, Ph.D., Vice President, SAS Education

As a company, SAS has been practicing customer relationship management long before it was vogue. With our software ballots, users group conferences, focus groups, and countless other feedback instruments, SAS has always stayed focused on our customers, listened to them and then delivered high-quality products and the services to support those products. Our commitment to our users is unwavering, not to be compromised under any circumstances. It was the deciding factor in my decision to join the company nearly three decades ago, and it’s why I remain at SAS to this day.

It’s from this commitment to users that SAS’ new Learning Center Web site was borne. The SAS Learning Center will offer a multitude of educational resources designed to help you develop and expand your SAS skills, and it’s simply the continuation of our promise to serve you to the best of our abilities.

The SAS Learning Center was developed after extensive research and multiple focus groups conducted with our users. The site consists of six separate areas:

SAS Training: SAS Training provides more than 100 state-of-the-art technical training courses available in multiple mediums including classroom, on-site at your location, in the Live Web classroom, or Self-Paced e-Learning.

SAS Education has made several changes to its Web site. For starters, the navigation has been streamlined based on user feedback and a detailed analysis of web traffic to our site.

Also, the new Courses and Schedules page makes it easier than ever for SAS users to find the training courses they need. New customers can browse clearly outlined links located across the top of the page; while more advanced users can use a new filter/search application that allows them to dig more deeply into the content of individual courses. Customers will be able to search by job role, curriculum area, software product, certification exam, location, training format, date, or any combination of these.

SAS Certification: With a professional certification from SAS you can earn globally-recognized credentials endorsed by SAS. The newly designed Certification site allows you to browse available certification tracks, learn how to prepare and more.

The SAS Bookstore: The SAS Bookstore provides global access to the SAS books. The new site has two new features to assist you. One, an enhanced resource section, includes recommendations for customers new to SAS, recommended titles, what’s available soon, links to the free online reference documentation, and more. We’ve also enhanced and expanded the information available about our SAS Press titles on the Author Companion pages, which can now be searched by author last name or by book title. Companion web sites now include links to additional information like podcasts, author web sites, and blogs.

SAS Learning Edition: This educational software bundle gives both students and knowledge workers, looking to enhance their SAS skills, the freedom to learn at their own pace and on their own PCs or laptops – all on low-cost, self-install CD ROMs. The Learning Center features the latest learning edition release, SAS Learning Edition 4.1

Higher Education Resources: For academics, SAS offers a variety of educational programs and services through its Higher Education Consulting Services. This group helps university-level faculty incorporate SAS technology into their academic programs.

SAS OnDemand for Academics: The Learning Center includes information about SAS OnDemand for Academics. This program allows instructors and students to access the power of SAS software with simply an Internet connection.

This post was kindly contributed by Key Happenings at support.sas.com - go there to comment and to read the full post.



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