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April 1, 2008

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SAS has recently established a YouTube channel on which we publish videos about SAS — the software, the work environment, and our commitment to our employees and our customers. SAS launched an effort to bring you an inside look at the work that goes on to prepare for SAS Global forum as well as access to customers, executives, and SAS employees who attended the conference.

The SAS YouTube channel (named SASNewMedia) contains 64 videos, 56 of those are part of the Inside SAS Global Forum series. You can find anything from anecdotes about all the work that goes into creating the graphics for SAS Global Forum, to interviews with Jim Goodnight, SAS CEO and Jim Davis, SAS Senior Vice President and CMO, to a video demo of ODS Graphics.

I have heard from several of you that access to YouTube is forbidden at work. Others said that they had no idea that SAS had information on YouTube. So the question lingered loud and large for me: Will you visit YouTube for video information from SAS? Would you watch the videos if they were posted on

Shameless Site Promotion
I would be remiss if I didn’t provide the video here about all of the great information that is available on Take a look.

I have provided a few other videos from the collection that you might find interesting.

  • ODS Graphics with Sanjay Matange    view it
  • SAS 9.2 Deployment with Glenn Musial    view it
  • Base SAS with Rick Langston    view it
  • SAS and Teradata Alliance with David Shamlin    view it
  • Self-Paced e-Learning with Nancy Goodyear    view it

Visit the Inside SAS Global Forum playlist and find your favorites, then share them with colleagues and other SAS users. A comment here or on YouTube will help us determine what type of information you want to see in video format.

This post was kindly contributed by Key Happenings at - go there to comment and to read the full post.

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