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October 15, 2007

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We’ve been really busy dotting all of the i’s and crossing the t’s for the big site launch on October 19th. I’ve been a little negligent in getting information out to you, so, I enlisted some of my friends. Did you see Shelley’s post about the new Community section for That’s just the beginning. Let me give you the big picture.

Every page on will have a common banner that includes the four major sections of the site: KNOWLEDGE BASE, SUPPORT, LEARNING CENTER, COMMUNITY, plus a link that will always return you to Customer Support Center Home. We think that this architecture makes the site much easier to use and enables you to locate information faster when necessary and research ideas more effectively.

While each section was created with a special purpose in mind, I recommend that you visit all areas of the site. That sometimes, even when you have found your answer, you take a minute and search the entire site for that same information. You may find a SAS Press book that extends your knowledge, or a webcast that offers information that speeds up your project. And you didn’t even think you needed to look.

image of the new navigation bar
Get used to seeing this banner, it will quickly become your SAS online support tool.
We divided the site up into four primary areas:

Knowledge Base

provides information to immediately answer questions, solve problems and install and manage SAS software. Information is available to you for browsing or searching. If you know what you are looking for like syntax from a reference manual or sample code for producing graphs for small-format devices, you can quickly search the knowledge base. When you encounter a problem or get stumped, the knowledge base is one of the first places you can look to help yourself.


puts SAS support and services at your fingertips. When you need help from SAS Technical Support or you need an emergency license extension or to download a hot fix or software add-on, venture to the Support section of the site and let SAS assist you.

Learning Center

expands your horizons and helps you learn more about using SAS software. The resources available from this section of the site can help jumpstart your SAS knowledge. You can buy a book, register for a training course, or learn at your desk with SAS e-Learning modules.


brings the world of SAS customers together. It is the place for collaboration with other users of SAS software and solutions. The events listing will help you find conferences and webcasts so that you can share information with others. You can register for newsletters, subscribe to RSS feeds, and find blog listings.

We’ve talked about how important and common searching the Internet has become. You will find the search field above the blue navigation line on every page. You can search the entire site from this box, or you can select a section of the site to which you want to restrict your search. Search is always available in the top right corner of every page and the options for searching are always the same!

This post was kindly contributed by Key Happenings at - go there to comment and to read the full post.


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