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What will happen once I add my blog here?

Adding your blog to the directory will allow us to aggregate feeds from your (SAS) blog.  Each time you post a new article on your blog, our site will automatically show an excerpt from it on the main page.

The post that will be added will include a link back to your original post (and another link to your blog’s main page), thus driving interested readers to your site!  Also, all participating blogs will have links in the “Contributors” section of our sidebar.

To learn more about the benefits of participating, please visit our about page.  We would appreciate a link back from your site to in order to help us grow.

What to do if I also write about other things besides SAS?

There is a solution.
All you need to do is add a category (or a tag) named “SAS” (or SAS-English, or whatever is comfortable for you), use it for all your SAS related posts, and submit it instead.
To most modern blogging platform (WordPress, blogger, movable type, etc…), there is a way for getting the RSS feed of a particular category only (you can submit just the category link, and I’ll find the RSS feed link.)

Ready? let’s go:

Welcome! offers news and tutorials about the various SAS® software packages, contributed by bloggers. You are welcome to subscribe to e-mail updates, or add your SAS-blog to the site.


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