Baseball, Bayesians, and Biostatistics

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Renee let me take the wheel this week, as long as I didn’t discuss politics or the Red Sox. But, based on prior history, didn’t you just know that Manny would beat the Indians with a ninth inning home run on Monday night?

Speaking of priors, thanks to Renee for letting me post Focus on Bayesian Methods on the home page this week. This is the start of a Focus on Analytical SAS series, where we’ll regularly provide news on a topic from the statistics, econometrics, or operations research areas. The Bayesian capabilities are a favorite 9.2 SAS/STAT topic for me, and I will obviously take any chance to mention it! We’re especially proud of the experimental MCMC procedure. In fact, Fang Chen, its developer, will be delivering a lecture on PROC MCMC next month at UNC/Chapel Hill as part of the Bayesian Biostatistics Workshop. That reminds me that we need to schedule a practice run soon.

Along with my SAS/STAT responsibilities in R&D, I work on the analytical content of the site, particularly the Statistics and Operations Research Focus Area. We’ll be updating and adding content in the next few months, concentrating on the new capabilities of SAS 9.2, even as we plan and develop the next releases here in R&D. I’m thinking of adding a technical newsletter specifically for statistical users. I’m also working with Renee and others to produce a series of short presentations about SAS 9.2 that has us very excited. We’re hoping to make those available on the web site in late spring or early summer. And you thought lunch with YouTube was fun!

So, stay tuned, and please forward your feedback and suggestions concerning any aspect of our site to Renee.

This post was kindly contributed by Key Happenings at - go there to comment and to read the full post.

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