Attention all SAS Bloggers: R Blogger has a question for you

October 24, 2010

This post was kindly contributed by Jared Prins' Blog - SAS - go there to comment and to read the full post.

Fellow blogger Tal Galili contacted me to share a project of his: is a central hub (e.g: A blog aggregator) of content collected from bloggers who write about R (in English). The site will help R bloggers and users to connect and follow the “R blogosphere”.

Although SAS is my language of choice, I have been playing with R.  SAS friends, please don’t be hatin’.  Personally, I have a difficult time finding R resources online, so as a n00b R programmer, this site is a gem.

Tal asked if I’d be interested in contributing to a SAS-bloggers site that would be similar to R-bloggers.  My response is as follows:

I wouldn’t want there to be a duplication of efforts. The SAS company has a wiki for SAS users like myself. SAS also has connected many SAS blogs together

I think for a SAS-bloggers website to be used, it would need to have value that is beyond what these resources provide.

I’d pose your question on and see if there is other interest or ideas that could make a SAS-bloggers website offer added value.

After I sent that, I thought why not get the word out to you folks?  So here it is.  If you are a SAS blogger, I’d ask that you take a few minutes to browse and gauge if something like that would be of value.  You can leave comments on my blog if you like and I’ll be sure to pass them along to Tal. 

As I browse the SAS community wiki and reflect on my R-n00bness, I couldn’t see any specific areas on the wiki geared towards new SAS programmers.  Perhaps that is where a SAS-bloggers site could provide added value?  That said, a new section on the current wiki could be created to fill that void.

Or perhaps the R-Bloggers site could simply have a section for SAS that focuses on the differences between the two systems or highlights any SAS and R collaborative projects (if there are any?)?

Thoughts? Comments?


This post was kindly contributed by Jared Prins' Blog - SAS - go there to comment and to read the full post.

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