I am a 20% SAS Nerd!

August 23, 2011

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Kirk Paul Lafler drafted a checking list for identifying a SAS nerd (or geek, in its positive ways) in one of his intriguing papers:

You Could be a SAS® Nerd If . . .

Here I’m glad to find that I am roughly a 20% SAS nerd (12 matched in all 57 lists):

8. You blog SAS-related comments and technical solutions frequently.

9. You have more than five SAS blogs in your RSS feed.

10. Your home page is support.sas.com, sasCommunity.org, SAS-L, or LexJansen.com.

11. You know more than ten SAS keyboard shortcuts.

12. You get excited when you find a new match-merge technique that performs better than the one you developed the week before.

21. You have more than one version of SAS on your machine or network so you can compare and contrast program, processing and output differences.

28. You spend your Friday evenings and weekends responding to SAS-L posts, entering sasCommunity blog entries, and reading the latest “hot” SAS topic on LexJansen.com.

38. The first thing you read in the morning is the “Tip of the Day”.

45. You subscribe to five or more SAS groups on LinkedIn, sasCommunity, and Facebook and you use a tabbed browser so you can be online with all of them at the same time.

47. You spend your evenings and weekends SAS-L’ing, Googling and Binging looking for elegant SAS technical solutions.

50. You proudly proclaim that you’re a SAS programmer when asked by a fellow passenger, “What do you do for a living?”

51. You’re amazed when your fellow airline passenger replies, “What is a “SAS programmer?”.

I also asked Kirk if he is a 100% SAS nerd and Kirk replied, NO. He said he is a 99% SAS nerd:)

This post was kindly contributed by From a Logical Point of View » SAS - go there to comment and to read the full post.

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