Rails and Recent d3.js Examples

February 27, 2012

This post was kindly contributed by ProcRun; - go there to comment and to read the full post.

A lot of my free time has been spent running and developing a running log using rails.  I want greater control of monitoring / visualizing each training cycle than the sites out there will let me have (no API’s..).   Thus, I’ll just build my own!

This whole thing was spurred by my dabbling in d3.  It’s pretty much the most awesome and only visualization library you’ll need.   I’ve been slowly adding links to all of the example graphics I’ve put together to the d3 Examples Page.

There are three out there right now that’ll let you see what I’ve done so far…

  • Last.fm_bar – Bar chart of a Last.fm user’s top 50 artists.  Calls the Last.fm api and parses the returned json.  Will update as the user scrobbles more tracks to Last.fm. Feel FREE to make fun of my music choices in the comments….
  • Rolling 7 day Training Load – Area chart of my cumulative 7 day training load for miles run.    Much more useful at analyzing the total stress and cycles that weekly or monthly miles.
  • Running Calendar – Calendar view of the daily miles run.  Similar to the R running calendar.   Adapted from the d3 example which was inspired by Rick Wicklin and Robert Allison’s winning poster (pdf).

There are a few data sets that I really want to work with but I need to do some serious data cleaning in SAS first.  Writing an json exporter from SAS is next up on the list when I get  a down moment.

This post was kindly contributed by ProcRun; - go there to comment and to read the full post.

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