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February 15, 2012

This post was kindly contributed by Business Intelligence Notes for SAS® BI Users - go there to comment and to read the full post.

There’s so much excitement about big data, data scientists, and all things that mean you need some serious SAS BI skills.  On Monday I was discussing the Kinsey Insitiute projections for data related jobs, but even the New York Times ran The Age of Big Data an article about it.  Appears everyone is talking about it!  oooh … Buzz! I love it.

SAS BI Developer Demand is Growing

The past December, BusinessIntellience.Com, reported that SAS Business Analytics SMB Sales Jumped 42 Percent and went on to comment that  ”[this]  jump demonstrates that enterprises of all sizes are seizing business analytics as a vital competitive tool.”  Last week, the same webzine was reporting that SAS in Leaders Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms according to the Gartner Inc report. 

As SAS Institute sells more SAS BI solutions, naturally more SAS BI Developer jobs become available.  On the Indeed.Com you can search out job trends to determine which fields seem to be growing.  [Disclaimer! These figures are based on Indeed.Com job postings and I have no idea what their counting rules are – so I realize this could be that more recruiters use Indeed or Indeed has  a better aggregation methodology.] With that said, check out the SAS BI growth compared to just BI. My point – the orange line it going up.

SAS BI, BI, BASE SAS, Statistician Job Trends graph

SAS BI, BI, BASE SAS, Statistician Job Trends SAS Bi jobsBi jobsBase SAS jobsStatistician jobs

I added some other job description fields to help keep it real. Rather these are exact figures or not, I don’t have a hard time believing it.  Last December, in one week I had over 10 recruiters contact me about various SAS BI developer and administration jobs around the US.   Plus I get an email or a call every week for BASE SAS jobs and clinical jobs.

What is SAS BI Anyway?

In the Overview of the SAS BI tools there’s an explanation of the different clients. In the first chapter of the Building Business Intelligence with SAS book, there is an overview of the clients and how they interact.  [Check SAS Press for a free download of Chapter One. ] If you just want an overview of business intelligence as a field, check out Need Presentation Fodder post for some books and resources resources.

Learning More about SAS BI

SAS BI Stored Process Caption from Book

The good thing about being a BASE SAS programmer is that you have an easier progression to SAS BI development roles.  There are some hurdles, different ways of thinking, but just understanding how SAS uses formats, functions, and macro coding makes it easier. With my BASE SAS background, I was able to learn the basics about stored processes in an hour and transitioned many of my reports within a week. <Shazam!>

For instance, check out the PROC GKPI code in this stored process – I bet you know what it’s doing! And how long does it take to register a stored process in the metadata, according to Angela’s You Tube demo, one little minute.

Also – look at Steve Overton’s post about building OLAP cubes – really you don’t think you sorta understand what the code is doing.  It won’t take long to learn is what others who have transitioned from BASE SAS to SAS BI OLAP developers have told me.

Some Preparation Tips

Here’s some ways to start preparing yourself for the jump:

  • Getting access to the SAS BI clients may be your first big hurdle, ask your SAS Administrator if they have a play area or sandbox in the SAS BI environment where you can begin learning.  You can use the SASHELP data to work through the exercises in the Building Business Intelligence with SAS book.  [Order your copy here ]
  • Ask your company to call the SAS Sales rep for a product demo.  It’s an amazing product!
  • If you cannot get access here’s some things to do
  • Learning or increase your PROC SQL and macro coding skills.  
  • Learn to use the project prompts in SAS Enterprise Guide
  • Learn what metadata is and how it’s used.

 Also keep following this blog … you know I love to share my knowledge!

This post was kindly contributed by Business Intelligence Notes for SAS® BI Users - go there to comment and to read the full post.

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