Happy National Limerick Day from SAS Press!

May 10, 2019

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May 12th is #NationalLimerickDay! If you saw our Valentine’s Day poem, you know we at SAS Press love creating poems and fun rhymes, so check out our limericks below!

So, what’s a limerick?

National Limerick Day is observed each year on May 12th and honors the birthday of the famed English artist, illustrator, author and poet Edward Lear (May 12, 1812 – Jan. 29, 1888). Lear’s poetry is most famous for its nonsense or absurdity, and mostly consists of prose and limericks.

His book, “Book of Nonsense,” published in 1846 popularized the limerick poem.

A limerick poem has five lines and is often very short, humorous, and full of nonsense. To create a limerick the first two lines must rhyme with the fifth line, and the third and fourth lines rhyme together. The limerick’s rhythm is officially described as anapestic meter.

To celebrate, we want to ask all lovers of SAS books to enjoy the limericks written by us and to see if you can create your own! Can you top our limericks on our love for SAS Books? Check out our handy how-to limerick links below.

Our limericks

There once was a software named SAS
helping tons of analysts complete tasks.
a Text Analytics book to extract meaning as data flies by
and a Portfolio and Investment Analysis book so you’ll never go awry.
You know our SAS books are first-class!

We enjoyed meeting our awesome users at SAS Global Forum
who enjoy our books with true decorum.
a SAS Administration book on building from the ground up
and a new book about PROC SQL you need to pick-up.
Checkout our SAS books today, you’ll adore ‘em!

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Wiki-How: How to Write A Limerick
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Happy National Limerick Day from SAS Press! was published on SAS Users.

This post was kindly contributed by SAS Users - go there to comment and to read the full post.

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