SAS and Open-Source Model Management (free eBook)

July 24, 2020

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SAS Press has added to its selection of free downloadable eBooks with the new SAS and Open-Source Model Management® – Special Collection.

From the description:

“Turn analytical models into business value and smarter decisions with this special collection of papers about SAS Model Management. Without a structured and standardized process to integrate and coordinate all the different pieces of the model life cycle, a business can experience increased costs and missed opportunities. SAS Model Management solutions enable organizations to register, test, deploy, monitor, and retrain analytical models, leveraging any available technology – including open-source models in Python, R, and TensorFlow –into a competitive advantage.”

As we know, the diversity and multitude of tools, programming languages, algorithms and skills is reshaping Models’ Management best practices. The “New Normal” has brought an immediate need to adopt Model Management’s solutions which enable users to register, test, deploy, monitor and retrain models, in a scalable and structured way, leveraging their open-source/commercial development tool of choice.

In this eBook, we have carefully selected several papers and best practices from SAS Global Forum 2020 on how to ML in production and become an Expert in each step of the Model Management Lifecycle.

Key Take Aways

  1. How you can put ML in production and turn your models into business value.
  2. How SAS openness allows you to leverage any open-source technology.
  3. How SAS Model Management solution enables you to register, test, deploy, monitor and retrain analytical models.

Papers Selected

  • The Aftermath What Happens After You Deploy Your Models and Decisions
    By David Duling
  • Turning the Crank: A Simulation of Optimizing Model Retraining
    By David Duling
  • Open-Source Model Management with SAS® Model Manager
    By Glenn Clingroth, Hongjie Xin, and Scott Lindauer
  • Deploying Models Using SAS® and Open-Source
    By Jared Dean
  • Cows or Chickens: How You Can Make Your Models into Containers
    By Hongjie Xin, Jacky Jia, David Duling, and Chris Toth
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: Manage Model Development via a Python IDE
    By Jon Walker
  • Build Your ML Web Application Using SAS AutoML
    By Paata Ugrekhelidze
  • Monitoring the Relevance of Predictors for a Model Over Time
    By Ming-Long Lam
  • Model Validation
    By Hans-Joachim Edert and Tamara Fischer

If you are interested in other topics, like Forecasting, Computer Vision, Text Analytics, find more free downloadable eBooks in the Special Collection series at

SAS and Open-Source Model Management (free eBook) was published on SAS Users.

This post was kindly contributed by SAS Users - go there to comment and to read the full post.

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