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What’s New

March 21, 2013

I didn’t blog for a while in this first half March and there are bunches of new stuff to catch up: I had a new baby! He was delivered on time (and on budget!), lions tigers and bears, oh my… His brother is Tiger so I named him, Leo. And I got the latest...
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New Game in Town: SAS Metadata Administration

March 14, 2013

You might also read that there were constant (although still not frequent) posts on SAS metadata querying and other administration tasks in SAS blogosphere since 2012 (when I started to play with it^). It is yet another evidence that more and more SAS programmers switched from SAS foundation to the so called SAS intelligent...
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Blog Statistics: 2012

January 2, 2013

(This blog’s page view data from Google Analytics; 43 posts in total in 2012) Top 10 countries/territories and cities (traffic) Most of my readers come from US and I’m glad my Chinese fellows still fork me since I moved to US this year (today is my one year anniversary in US). To my surprising...
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Blogging is Awesome: CDISC Bloggers

May 5, 2012

I remember when blogging was cool. Before the specializing and monetizing and Twitter-izing.                                       —Peter Dewolf Well I think blogging is still cool (and awesome and awesome …). The most appealing personal reason is, blog posts are Google searchable and suitable for archive while Tweets NOT. Admittedly I hold some sort of  Existentialism 2.0:...
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Retrieve blogs using SAS

July 20, 2011

Recently I posted a frequency analysis on Rick Wicklin’s popular SAS/IML blog. Sanjay Matange also produced a nice heatmap on Rick’s blogging history using the summary data I published. Here just release the ideas and SAS codes to get data from Rick’s blog dynamically. You may modify the codes slightly to obtain data from...
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Blogging SAS

November 30, 2010

Almost at the same time, there are two SAS blogs aggregators popping up to the web for SAS programmers worldwide, one in Chinese, the other, English:  in Chinese, maintained by sxlion, also the owner of a SAS information site,   in English, maintained by Tal Galili, also the owner of R blogs aggregator, I...
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