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More sas7bdat progress

September 13, 2011

The development version of the read.sas7bdat function (in the sas7bdat package) now reads field labels and formats. In addition, errors of the type "found <x> <type> subheaders where 1 expected" are now a thing of the past. These improvements are largely due to work by Clint Cummins. The function also works on some files...
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sas7bdat database reader update

June 14, 2011

An earlier post (1216) introduced a compatibility study (i.e. reverse engineering) of the sas7bdat database file format. The code and documentation for this are here: I've recently restructured the code as an R package, and added some functionality. Look for the sas7bdat package on the CRAN. Also, the read.sas7bdat code has been ported...
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Progress reading SAS sas7bdat files (natively) in R

April 18, 2011

This post describes some preliminary results from a compatibility study of the SAS sas7bdat file format. The most current results stored in a github repository here: sas7bdat The ultimate goal is a native solution to the incompatibility between open-source statistical software (e.g. R) and sas7bdat database files. Demonstration There has been significant progress in...
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